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Life Assurance - Mortgage Protection

What is it?

  • A Term Life assurance plan is the most basic and cheapest form of arranging life cover.
  • This plan will be covered for a fixed period, which is usually the term of your mortgage.
  • You can add additional options, such as Critical Illness cover. See Critical Illness section which explains more.

Who is it for?

  • A Term Life assurance plan is designed for those who want to leave a lump sum in the event of their death within a specified time period whilst keeping the cost to a minimum.
  • This can be used to cover your mortgage, other loan(s) or to ensure that your family is protected.
  • This plan is particularly important if you have young children or dependents which can protect your family from any financial implications in the event of a personal tragedy.
  • These plans have no cash in value at any time and will cease at the end of the term. If premiums are not maintained, then cover will lapse.
  • If taken with Critical Illness, these plans may not cover all the definitions of a critical illness. The definitions vary between product providers and will be described in the key features and the policy document if you go ahead with a plan

We at Homestraight Mortgages Limited can offer our services through our advisers who can assist & help you find the best plan which meets your requirements.